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We hope that you have settled in well in your room and will enjoy your stay with us!


Here at Pillehill you will find a well renowned restaurant that focus on locally sourced products in season and wine & food in combination. All under the management of our Head Chef & Sommelier Jannike Briesenland-Lister. In the information that follows you can read more about that and much more.

We are one of Sweden’s best wine destinations and continuously develop our wine list. A small part of the beverages we offer is available for you in your minibar. You are most welcome to the restaurant for a wider selection.

The idyllic farmstead, with the first house built in 1870, on land with much older history than that, has long been known in the region for its beautiful location high up on the ridge. Close to us is 3000 year old bronze age burial mounds. In walking distance, you can find several Viking rune stones. This has been an attractive area for millennials. The views over farms, villages, lovely fields, and the sea -A real idyll, all year round.

The countryside hotel Pillehill was established in 2015 by Jannike and Johan that continuously is developing it, in both form and content. The hotel also includes the quaint guesthouses Fanny Hill located next to the main farm Pillehill and Blue Skies, a two-story cottage from the first half of the 19th century.

The rooms at the main farm is rated Four-star and the two guesthouses Three-star why some level of service and equipment might differ between them.  

The Pillehill crew wish you welcome!

Additional equipment

Pillows, extra blanket, towels, iron, radiator, fan, adapter, etc. If you need any extras – contact the staff.

Antient times

You are at the top of one of two moraine ridges that surround Skurup municipality in the west and east. The area was one of the first that the ice sheet melted from in our country 10,000 years ago. The ridges are relics from that time. As the ground was depressed by the ice, the valley was for a long time a naturally protected bay. Here came the first people from present-day Germany and Poland. The earliest "Scanians" engaged in hunting reindeer in the then cold climate.

In the neighboring village of Skateholm, excavations a few years ago encountered remains an entire Stone Age village (7,500-6-500 years BC). The unique finds, including the remains of some ninety individuals, are today on display at Trelleborg's museum.

A few yards east of the farm, perched on the crest of the ridge, are some hills. These are three of the area's more than twenty burial mounds from the Bronze Age, about 3000 year old. Just north of these is a larger mound, Galgbacken, which until 1848 was Vemmenhögs härad's execution site. On the north side of the road 101 are the three Vemmen mounds that have given their names to the villages east and west of there. Next to Östra Vemmenhög's church (from the 1100s) is The Arms Mound.

For the Vikings, the area around Östra Vemmenhög was attractive. Around the ford where the allfarleden (now road 101, "Landsvägen") crossed Dybäcksån, the Vikings lived and traded there. Here the runestone, which still stands in place, was erected with the inscription "Brother erected this stone after Bosse, brother his, (a) very good fighter". At nearby Tullstorp you can find one of the more prominent runestones in the country. It is unique both in design and in that it is one of the few stones where a woman shaped the message.

The host couple will be happy to tell you more about the background to these places. Maps with marked hiking trails can be found to borrow.

For those interested in Vikings, a tip is to visit the Viking museum "Telleborgen" and "Fotevikens" open-air museum outside Höllviken. A vibrant Viking town where you can experience the Viking Age "for real"!


Luggage can be stored in a locked space. Contact the staff.


We have a fully licensed bar and a wide range of wine and beer.  Minibar is available in all rooms.  See also Restaurant and wine bar.


Bicycles can be rented from our partner Beddinge bike rental by reservation in advance on +46 (0)70-8262132.  There are also tandem bikes, children's bikes, children's saddles, etc. Book at least one day before.

Board games

A smaller selection board games are available for lending. You will find these in the library where you also are welcome to sit and play. We appreciate if you put the game back after use so next guest also can have access.  


The nearest bus stop is at the coastal road (number 9) at Bingsmarken (3 km). With bus line 190 you are in Trelleborg or Ystad in just over 30 minutes. There is also a bus stop in Skivarp (5 km) and from there it’s about 35 minutes to Ystad.

Charging electrical vehicle

Electrical outlets are available at both the north and south parking lots. Register at the reception. Charging cost will be charged.
Let us know if you need to borrow an extension cord.  Unfortunately, we do not yet have a charging station for electric cars. We ask you to not fast charge your vehicle as our electrical system cannot handle this.

Check out

Check-out is no later than 11.00.

Luggage room is available, free of charge.


It’s fine to stay at our facility after check out so you can enjoy the view, have a cup of coffee or sober up for car driving after the night before. Just make sure that you have left your room and key.

Computer / Tablet

In the restaurant there are tablets to borrow with for instance Pillehills wine list and the opportunity to google information about excursion destinations.

The tablets are to be used in the restaurant and lounge area or can be loaned up to the room after signing for it. Misplaced or damaged tablets will be charged for.

See also Internet


Available for rent. Contact reception.


Standard 230 volts 50 hertz. Electric adapters can be borrowed at the reception.
During thunderstorms we recommend you to remove any sensitive equipment you might be charging.

We do appreciate if you help us all in saving electricity. Turn of lamps, TV and close windows when exiting the room. Do not shower or let the hot water run longer than necessary.

Emergency Exits

See the posted evacuation plans for nearest exit. Follow green signs. Re-assembly point: South parking lot, by the annex. Sign up there to the responsible staff.


There is the possibility of sea fishing both from the beach and fishing boat. Some of the area's rivers and lakes also offer pleasant and rewarding fish moments. Enjoy a nice moment in a rowboat on Svaneholmssjön with the beautiful castle in the fund! Check with the staff for more information.


Can be ordered via the reception


A number of men's and women's hairdressers are located in Skurup.

History and histories

Pillehill is located in a historical place. There is a lot of interesting things in the immediate vicinity and in the region. Everything from Bronze Age burial mounds at the site and runestones from the Viking Age to historic castles and shelters. There are many hilarious stories to take part in.

Talk to the host couple to bring one or more fairy tale and truth to life. Here, for example, it is described about what happened to the priest's cavalier maid after the last execution on the nearby "Galgebacken" in 1848, the suitors' struggle at the "Fiancé's Wad" and where the town's name Vemmenhög originates from. See also Ancient.

Each room has its name after films linked to our farm and shot in the area. Like the internationally renowned police from Ystad Wallander's crime films here portrayed by "The Courier" where the end scene in in our nearby church, the romantic classical drama “Elvira Madigan”, the old pilsner movie by Edvard Persson "South of the Highway" with is most famous scene from the field just in front of our hose and his lesser known “Blue Skies” made in Skurup, the Swedish comedians Hasse & Tage’s "The Apple War" to name a few.


In the main building and Blue Skies there is fast fiber-connected wireless internet. In the guesthouse Fanny Hill there is a simpler connection via 4G. Use of the internet is free, but in "Fanny Hill" we ask you not to download heavy files, movies or equivalent.  
If you do not get contact in "Fanny Hill", check that the small router, in the window next to the fire extinguisher, is turned on.

Login is via " Guest Sydkustens" with password "Pillehill2015".
Gästhuset "Blue Skies" has a separate WiFi.


Available in the room. Coffee and tea in your room is on the house. Please empty the kettle after use as our calcium rich water otherwise quickly will stain.

Kitchen guesthouses

The guest houses are equipped with basic kitchens. Here you can heat a lunch or baby food, but they are not meant for more advanced cooking.

If you use the kitchen, make sure to do the dishes after. Dishes outside of normal hotel cleaning will be charged.


The dalmatian Hillton became a Pillehiller in February 2022. We found the name suitable for a hotel dog at Pillehill. (And we do not wish to compete with a more international line of hotels who only spell with one L 😉). Thus, here you will meet PilleHillton! As a fact that is also his name on Instagram.
Hilton is happy to accompany our guests for a walk.

See also Pets.

Meetings and conferences

We can offer meetings in a relaxing and beautiful environment!

In the main hall there is room for up to 30 persons (14 in board seating, 20 in U-seating, 24 in school seating and 20 chairs in ring seating). The group room “The Library” fits up to 4 persons.

Perfect for the management team, department that needs to brainstorm or team that want to develop in a calm and creative setting.

Here we can help you arrange everything from a half day meeting to full-service conferences with housing, activities, and dinner. Ask the staff for more information.


Free outdoor parking is available both north and south of main building.  Large extra parking space is available on the grass between Pillehill and Fanny Hill. In front of Blue Skies is a parking for up to two cars, only to be used by guests there.

Electric car? See Charging an electric car for more information.

Laundry service

For payment, laundry service (not dry cleaning) is offered at Pillehill. Contact reception.

Four-star rooms: Handed in before 09.00 is handed out before 18.00.  
Three-star rooms: By appointment.

We can offer dry cleaning via partners. Contact reception for more information.


At the reception there are patches, antihistamine tablets, pain relief, etc. The nearest pharmacy is in Skurup, about 10 minutes by car. ICA in Skivarp (5 min) has a limited range of pharmacy products.


Do you want a firmer or softer pillow? Contact the reception.


There is the possibility of printing on laser printers. Single pages are on the house, but for larger files there will be a charge. Contact reception for more information.

It is also possible to email what you want printed to

Bear in mind that the mail isn’t checked constantly why we advise you to let us know if it’s urgent.

Reservations Restaurant / Table

If you wish to eat, please make a reservation in advance at the reception or on 0046411532010. If you already have made a reservation for dinner in connection with booking the room, you do not need to book a table. If you have not received your dinner time, please contact us. See also under Restaurant and wine bar


Radio is available to lend in the reception

Sanitary items

Some sanitary items like tampons, toothbrush, hair conditioner etc is available for purchase at the reception.

Sewing kit

Sewing kit is in the room.

Shops and stores

By the reception you can find a small shop with the most necessary. We also sell some of our own products and gifts. At a 5-minute drive there is Skivarp with 8–2 1-open ICA shop (where there is also an ATM).
To the bigger grocery store ICA in Skurup it takes about 10 minutes by car.
In Ystad and Trelleborg (25 km) there is a large variation of shops and boutiques.

Tasting event

We often have wine events and various beverage tastings, also arranged and customized for private parties. Even if not planed, you can always ask our sommelier for a more spontaneous tasting.

From time to time that we arrange "Wine Makers Dinners" with visiting guests.


The nearest train station is in Skurup. Timetable is available on Skånetrafiken
It takes about 30 minutes by train from Skurup to Malmö.

Transport to flights, trains, ferries, etc.

Contact the reception for help with information about transport or transfer.


All rooms are equipped with a flat screen TV. In the guest house Fanny Hill there are two.


Several veterinarians are located locally. Emergency vet is available 24/7 at Evidensia Animal Hospital in Malmö, Cypressvägen 11, 004640-55 22 00.

Transport - Taxi

Skurups Taxi: 0046411-456 00. We are happy to order taxis for you.
For transport in the "local area": "Pillehill’s transfer service" can drive you if time permits.

Wine tasting

See - Tasting event


You can drink the tap water.
Our water comes from a local source, the so called Skivarps current. A part of the more renowned Alnarp current that is an underground aquifer stretching under the southwest of Skåne. It has high minerality and is really tasty.
Carbonated water in bottles can be found in the minibar.


At the facility we have some allergy friendly rooms. In these pets are not allowed.
As far as possible, we try to keep feather-free pillows and blankets in all rooms.
Please note that dogs stay regularly in public areas.

In case of any food allergies please notify the staff.


ATM is available at ICA, Tores Allköp, in Skivarp (every day 08.00-20.00). ATM and Minuten are in Skurup.

Bath towels

Bath towels for sauna and spa pool are available to borrow at the reception. We ask you not to use the towels of the rooms for this.  It is not allowed to bring the hotel's towels to the beach.


Beaches can be found south of us. It is just about 3 km to one of the finest on the south coast, Bingsmarken. One kilometer to the west of that is Skateholm with a very nice beach, parking next to the summer ice cream stand right next to the beach.

Heated outdoor whirlpool for up to eight people is in the garden. If you wish to use this, please contact the staff. Special rules apply to spa bathers due to health and cleanliness reasons.
Please read separate information before bathing.

Spa pool in for energy saving purposes closed winter 2022-23.

Bird watching

The south coast and Söderslätt are known in birdwatching circles as a very attractive area. Here you can see both common and rare species. Even for us amateurs it is lovely to be the first in spring to see the Trane birds migrating in from the south, as well as see them leave again in autumn.


The breakfast buffet, including Pillehill's freshly baked bread, our healthy granola, Pillesill and a lot of local products, is served in the restaurant.

Breakfast times in winter are on weekdays between 07.30 and 9.30 and weekends between 08.30 and 10. 00. In summer, breakfast is served every day 08.30-10. 00. You decide time for your breakfast on check-in.

In case of early departure, we can arrange breakfast packages for you. Tell us the night before and we will arrange a "bring-along breakfast".

Breakfast in the room? See Room Service Menu.

Cellphone charger

All rooms except Blue Skies are equipped with Qi chargers. You will find these on the nightstands, and they work for most modern smartphones (iPhone 8 or newer). Most rooms are also fitted with USB sockets.

If still needed, charging cables for the most common mobile phones can be borrowed at the reception.  


Check-in is open between 15.00 and 21.00. If other time is desired we meet as far as possible.
Luggage room is available, free of charge.


In Östra Vemmenhög's village there is the nearest church dating back to the 1100s. We are happy to provide more information regarding local churches and services. From "Galgbacken" you can see 23 churches in clear weather.

Other religious congregations like Catholic, Orthodox, Islamic or Jewish can be found in Malmö.

Confetti and similar

Confetti crackers or similar are not allowed throughout the facility, indoors as well as outdoors.  If they are used anyway, we charge a minimum of SEK 1000 for cleaning.

Electric car

See - Charging electric car


In the event of a sudden illness, accident, fire, etc., contact the reception (direct contact or via 0046411-53 20 10) or if emergent call SOS Alarm on 112.

At 112 give address Östra Vemmenhög 1126 (coordinates: 55.406514, 13.483972) for main building.

There are always staff present 24/7 but in nighttime the phone could be set on silent. In that case use the doorbell by the south end of the annex (house looking like a garage) by the south parking.  


To the ferries in Trelleborg and Ystad it is about 25 km.


Malmö Airport (Sturup) takes about 25 minutes by car. Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) is about 65 km away. By car it takes about 50 minutes across the bridge. By train from Skurup (change in Malmö) it takes about 60 minutes. If transport to Skurup or Sturup is desired, we are happy to arrange a taxi or assist with "Pillehill Rullebörsservice" (subject to time).


In the area there are several interesting golf courses. Pillehill offers special prices on green fees at Abbekås and Bedinge golf clubs.  Contact us for help with voucher.


Hairdryer is available in all rooms. It is usually found under the bathroom sink (in some rooms it’s hanging on the bathroom door).

Fire safety

Each room in the hotel is its own fire cell with 60 minutes of smoke and fire safety. The Apple War, Fanny Hill and Blue Skies are seen as separate fire cells. Fire extinguishers are located in, or near, your room.

Assembly point, in case of fire or other emergencies, is the south car park, between Pillehill and Fanny Hill. Always report to the staff at the assembly point.

Please study the evacuation plan.


Iron and ironing board are available for lending. Contact reception.


See Restaurant

Laundry bag

Bag for your laundry is in the room. It can usually be found in the box under the bathroom sink.

Medical care/Dental care

Vårdcentralen Skurup, Lillgatan 3, Skurup, tel. 0046411-89 75 00

Novakliniken Rydsgård, Family doctor, Västra Storgatan 2, Rydsgård, tel. 0046411-489 80

Skivarp Läkarpraktik AB, Ramsbovägen 18, Skivarp, tel. 0046411-307 08

Folktandvården, Svaneholmsvägen 1, Skurup, Mon-Wed 7-9, Thu 7-17, Fri 7-16, tel. 0046411-89 75 90.
Nearest emergency hospital: Kristianstadsvägen 3, Ystad, open around the clock, tel.  0046411-99 50 00.


In the rooms there is a minibar. There you will find a selection of good locally sourced drinks, artisan champagne, craft beer, wines and other drinks. If you want something else, you can order at the bar.

Parties and celebrations

We arrange birthday parties, corporate dinners and other invitations. We also arrange weddings with subsequent receptions. If you want to book the entire place or just have a nice table for the small company, we will arrange it. In the restaurant we serve up to 50 guests.

Party /pre-party in the room is allowed as long as you do not disturb other guests or play loud music. If you move furniture, put it back to save the housekeeping staff's backs. Normal cleaning is included, but in case of extra cleaning or washing, you will be charged.

Confetti crackers or similar are not allowed throughout the facility, indoors as well as outdoors.  
If they are used anyway, we charge a minimum of SEK 1000 for cleaning.


At Pillehill there is the Dalmatian male Hillton who likes to play with both two- and four-leggedfriends.

Pets are welcome in mainly "The Apple War", "The Courier", "Fanny Hill" and "Blue Skies".

Pets are welcome in the restaurant, bar and lounge and are expected to behave. Dog toys and bowls are available to borrow.

Cats are only allowed in “Blue Skies”.

We make our own dog candy from meat we cannot serve in the restaurant. We see this as both a way to reduce waist and a way to increase sustainability, but also a way to get a nice and healthy product to all fur babies. Dog candy can be bought in our little store in the bar.


You can borrow a phone at the reception.


Year-round heated whirlpool for up to eight people is available in the western garden. Special rules apply. Contact the staff
before bathing.  You will receive special pool towels and information about use.  
Adults only. Children 4-13 years welcome in adult company. For hygienic reasons, children under 4 years old are not allowed to bathe.  
Shower thoroughly before bathing.  Read separate instructions carefully.  
Please put on the lids after you have bathed, so the temperature is kept for the next guests.

Due to the European energy crisis the pool will be closed over winter 2022-2023.


Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Maestro are accepted. Cash payment in SEK or Euro (an exchange fee will be added) and via Swish are also possible. The room is paid at check-in and the rest at check-out.

Restaurant and wine bar

The Head Chef is Jannike Briesenland-Lister and she leads her team to different compositions every night. We work with locally sourced products in season and our kitchen can be described as modern Scandinavian with international influences. Jannike's philosophy is that wine comes first, no wonder as she also is our sommelier.

You can find more info about prices and menus on our website


For each menu you are offered a package of well-chosen wines. Beer- and non-alcoholic packages to suit the dishes are also available.

If you wish to dine with us, book a table beforehand. Order a table from the staff, call 0411–532010 or email  If you have ordered a dinner package in connection with the room booking, you do not need to book a table, then we will do it for you. If you have not received your seating time, please contact us.

The wine bar opens at 15.00 and dinner service starts from 18.30.

During special events or holidays such as Mårten goose, Christmas and New Year, we of course have extra festive menus in theme. Prices may then vary.

On Pillehill's priced wine list you will find a big variety of different wines, a variety of locally produced beers (such as the farm's unique PillePilsner) and a selection of lighter and more pungent drinks from near and far. You can check the list here


Since 2018, Pillehill has been on "Star Wine List" and 2019 we were awarded the silver star for most unique wine list.

In 2022, Pillehill received the silver star in "STAR WINE LIST OF THE YEAR", "Special Jury Prize Sweden 2022".  
In 2022, Pillehill was awarded for "Best wine list 2022 with Swedish wines" by Gavelinwines.

We are members of Regional Matkultur Skåne (Culinary Heritage) where you guarantee that at least 80% of what is served is regionally produced.

Via Jannike Briesenland-Lister we are also members of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, Association Mondiale de la Gastronomie. An international gastronomic association for the recognition of quality food, beverages, and the culture of the table.

All food is lactose free as far as possible. Let us know if you have other intolerances or allergies and we will adapt the cooking. We also make vegetarian and vegan dishes to order.

Lunch service and serving outside regular hours can be arranged for parties of at least 12 people.

Safety box

If you wish to lock in valuables, there is a lockable vault at the reception. Ask the staff.


Sauna house with outdoor shower is available for rent. Will be charged per person per hour. Book at the reception. Cancellations after 12.00 day of use will be charged in full.

Room service

In the room there is a minibar with drinks and coffee / tea.

Food and snacks can be ordered to our 4-star rooms. See separate menu.

Early breakfast? If you wish, you will receive a breakfast package (free of charge).  Contact reception.


The entire Pillehill is non-smoking, as well in public areas and areas as well as inside and outside the rooms.

From 2019, it is by law "Smoking prohibited" where a liquor license exists. "Smokespots" with ashtray are available at the north and south parking lot in the vicinity of the lampposts. Smoking is prohibited outside these places. 

If you stay in one of our guesthouses "Blue Skeis" and "Fanny Hill", it is ok if you go out on the road and smoke as long as this does not affect other guests.  Please throw cigarette butts on there for designated places.  Never throw them in garbage bags indoors as the smell easily settles and risks affecting the next guest's experience. If you still do so charge for extra cleaning might apply.

Ticket service

If you need help to buy tickets for train, bus, ferry, flight or the theatre – contact the staff.

Shoe polish

Shoe polish canvas is available in the room.  Shoe polish service is offered a 200 sek couple. Leave at the reception no later than 18.00 and pick up after breakfast.

Tourist information

Tourist offices are located in nearby cities such as Ystad and Trelleborg.

We are happy to give suggestions on excursion destinations and a small range of brochures can be found in the library or reception. You can also check these links:

Turistinfo Skurup About our municipality

Visit Trelleborg about the area west of us

Visit Skåne sydost about the area east of us

High Five Skåne is a private initiative for a guide

TV channels

All rooms have as a minimum the Swedish "basic channels", SVT1, SVT2, TV4, TV6 and The Children's Channel / Knowledge Channel.

Our junior suite “With every heartbeat” also have film channels as Netflix and ViaPlay.
In the guest house “Blue Skies” there is the mid level package from Viasat with news- and children’s channels.

See also separate information for TV and remote control.


Here at Pillehill we grow some vines of our own. Most is of the green grape variety Solaris that was planted in 2020, but we also have some blue grapes like for instance Regent. We make our own wine, juice, desserts, and marmalade of the grapes.


See Restaurant and wine bar

Wake up call

Please contact the reception

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