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Mon – Fri: 7:30am – 10:00am

Sat – Sun: 8:30am – 10:30am

Breakfast is open to all, book at latest evening before so we know how much to bake :-)
Price 17



Tues – Sat: 6.30pm – 11.00pm


Tues – Sat: 3.00pm – 11:30pm


Make a Reservation

Fill out the form below or contact us directly.

+46-411-532010 /

Please let us know what size menu you want when booking.

Request a reservation

Thank you for your interes in booking a table. We will get back to you to confirm time and availability!

Mini menu 2 courses 475 SEK*
*(primarily for kids)
Small menu 3 courses 595 SEK

Intermediate menu 5 courses 795 SEK

Tasting menu 7-8 courses 1075 SEK**
**(only available Friday and Saturday after preebooking at least
3 days in advance.)


The art of dining



Locally sourced in season

Our Head Chef and Sommelier Jannike Briesenland-Lister compos our dishes with the wines in focus. She has a passion for the combination and aim that one plus one equals three.
Slow cooking with genuine methods using local products, preferably ecologically produced. Summertime as local as from our own garden. Almost everything is lactose free.
We want you and the nature to feel good!


The menu varies from season to season, and sometimes on a daily basis depending on what products we can get from our local suppliers. We serve table d'hôte (set menu), in different sizes that you choose upon reservation. We can always serve a vegetarian alternative or special children dishes, but please let us know when booking your table. The same goes for allergies.

The combination

Wine package and by the glass

To every menu our sommelier and head chef sets a matching wine package. The combination lifts your experience.

The price will vary depending of the wines of the day, all in the aim to give you a fair experience.

Regional Matkultur Skåne logga

A passion for wine

Reward winning wine list

To us wine and beverage is a passion. We also like to share our knowledge to others.


Our wine philosophy is that we believe that quality is more important than quantity why we strive to have a list of unique high-quality wines, in different prices and most often in small series. When they are sold out, they get replaced.


Here you will find everything from aged classics, fresh natural wines and lovely bubbles.


Our focus is sustainability and therefore craft made wines from our close area, eg north western Europe, but you will find some wines from US too. Other countries are on the way out so we only have few bottles left.


Our ambition is to be one of Sweden's best wine destinations!

The indulgence

Cocktails and other stuff

Of course you are welcome to the bar just for a glass of something good without having to book dinner!

If you don´t feel that wine is your poison we have cocktails, locally sourced beers and non alcoholic options too.

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